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"Surely we ought to show kindness and gentleness to animals for many reasons, and chiefly because they are of the same Source as ourselves."
St. John Chrysostom (A.D. 400)

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The following list does not include the articles in the "Pet Fun" section.

Adopting A Companion Animal

Alternative Places to Shop

Animals In The Circus

Animal Safe Charities

Applying Flea Spray

Bad Advice from Garden Centers

Breed Specific Adoptions

CDC FAQ on West Nile Virus in Pets

Colloidal Silver

Counterfeit Products Could Harm Your Pet

Cruelty to Animals - Everyone's Problem

Deadly Heat in Cars

Dirt on Dairy

Disaster Preparedness for Your Animals

Doves Don't Belong at Weddings

Emergency Preparedness

Email Lists for Animal Help

Eternal Life for Animals

Exposing the Cruel Realities Behind Premarin

Febreze Is Dangerous

Feed Them Greens

Fireworks Hazards

Flea Control

Free To a Good (?) Home

Fur Farm Fallacy

Grapes and Raisins Poisoning

Halloween Horrors

Hartz Cat Flea Poison

Hartz Rabbit Food Possible Hazard

Holiday Hazards

Household Medications for Pets

Keeping Cats Inside

Keeping Your Summer Animal Friendly

Living With Wildlife


Medical Fund Assistance

Miscellaneous Tips

Moving With Your Pets

Nylabone Dog Chew Toy

Pet Proofing

Pets and Pickup Trucks

Petcurean Dog Food Recall

Poison Cautions

Poison Hotline

PMU Throwaways - Foals on the Auction Block

Premarin - Rx for Cruelty

Puppies Bred in Disgusting Conditions

Rabies - An Endemic Problem

Reasons Why Spay/Neuter Pets

Recommended Reading

Soft Rehabilitation Collar

Spay/Neuter Assistance

State Fairs

Stop the Madness - Spay/Neuter

Summer Pet Care

Swiffer Dusters

Swiffer Wet Jet Potentially Deadly

Teflon Can Be Dangerous

Traveling By Car/Truck With Pets

Unweaned Birds: Hidden Victims

Vaccinating Your Pet

What's Fun About Rodeos?

Winter Care Reminders

Whose Turn Is It?

Each precious creature large or small...... The arms of an angel holds them all.

Why buy a companion animal when there are so many homeless ones in shelters?


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