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Individual/Family Health







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Individual Health

Individual medical insurance is a health policy that is not associated with an employer or with self-employment. "Individual" can, however, apply to an entire family. The price of individual health policies makes it important to shop around. Premiums for similar policies from different insurers can vary up to 50 percent. Also, regulations for individual health insurance vary from state to state, making choices even more difficult. Individual health plan choices include the same plans as the group market - health maintenance organizations (HMOs), preferred provider organizations (PPOs), point-of-service (POS) plans, and traditional fee-for-service arrangements. Your health, income and physician preferences will help you determine which type of plan you need.

Consider Individual Health If:

bulletYou are self-employed
bulletYour employer doesn't offer health benefits
bulletFamily members aren't covered by your current plan
bulletYou're a recent retiree


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Highlights of a few of the many approved Texas individual health insurance plans offered through Continental Advisors:

Texas Individual and Family Health Plans

UNICARE is a subsidiary of WellPoint Health Networks Inc., one of the largest managed care companies in the United States and one of the most financially sound. WellPoint and its family of companies provide health coverage for over 6.5 million people and have over 12.9 million pharmacy customers. UNICARE is an innovative company with innovative ideas about health care. Unicare  has a revolutionary vision of putting individuals in control of their health care through the creation of quality, affordable and flexible health plans. If you are looking for a health plan for yourself, your family or your employees, UNICARE has "The Cure for Health care."  
Click here for Unicare quotes or to enroll online.


Blue Cross/Blue Shield  Select  PPO plans

A preferred provider health insurance plan that features a choice of deductibles and office visit copays, including same day lab and x-ray, a prescription drug card program and individual, spouse and children) coverage available, including child-only coverage.
Click HERE for Blue Cross/Blue Shield quotes or to enroll online.

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