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Dental and Vision

United Dental and Vision Plan: Use any dentist insurance. Includes optional child rider.

Safeguard Dental Insurance versus Discount Plans - Compare thirty discount plans for dental insurance

Safeguard Dental DMO Sign-Up - $5.00 Dental co-pay plan

Select Dental Plan - Use any dentist plan
A Sensible Solution to the High Costs of Dentistry
Select Dental Plan combines a reduced network rate with an insurance reimbursement for the least out-of-pocket expense!

Secure Dental One - Use any dentist plan
$100 lifetime deductible per insured
bulletFreedom to choose Indemnity or PPO Network
bulletChoice of $750 or $1,250 maximum per person
bulletNo waiting periods on Value or Primary Plans
bulletEligible for ages 18 years through 64-1/2
bulletBenefits for preventive, diagnostic, basic, and major services
bulletOrthoCare benefits available as an option
bulletAutomatic Bank Draft, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover

 Careington Dental - Discount Dental/Vision/Rx Plan

* Save Up To 70% On Dental Services
* Over 4 Million Members And 22,000 Providers Nationwide
* No Deductible or Annual Maximum
* Pre-Existing Conditions Covered (Except Work In Progress)
* Orthodontics Covered
* Vision Plan Included
* No Claim Forms - Pay A Low Co-Pay At Time Of Service
(Example: Crowns From $409, Cleanings From $25)
* Change Network Dentists Anytime Without Notifying Careington
(New Dentist Will Verify Membership)

*AdvancePCS Prescription Card Add-On Option

DentalPlans.com - Compare 30 dental discount plans