Extreme Makeover Home Edition Emails



True Blue Animal Rescue received hundreds of emails, letters, and calls after being featured on an episode of the popular ABC television show, Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The program was aired on January 29th, 2006, and was a huge success not only because the very deserving DeAeth family was built a new home, but because the rescue they founded benefited from receiving new facilities as well.
Here is a small sampling of the many emails (from all over the United States and Canada) that TBAR received from like-minded souls expressing their congratulation, appreciation, support, and good wishes. Many thanks to all who contacted TBAR.



My name is Christi and I am from Maryland (not far from Days End
rescue) I was lucky enough to catch your episode on Extreme Makeover
Home Edition this evening!! I wanted to say thank you for all that you
are doing!! I grew up on a dairy farm here in Maryland and have a great
passion for animals -- all shapes and sizes -- all breeds and
dispositions :) I have often dreamt of begining a rescue much like you
have created in Texas -- I was so excited to see your organization and
the great stuff you are doing for animals!! I found your website online
and I am going to be sending it out to all of my family and friends. We
have many acres of farm land and with the decline of small family farms
in recent years -- I only hope that if my brother is not able to
maintain the farm that maybe we can utilize the acreage we have to do
wonderful work for animals all over like you are doing in Texas. I was
so excited to see the barn that was built for you -- i am familiar with
how expensive those can be as well as all the feed and bedding and such
that you need year round!! You are doing GREAT work!! Please keep it
up and know that you have touched MANY lives!!
Inspired! Christi


I just saw the Extreme Makover-Home Edition featuring your new house.
I had to write you a little something to say you touched my heart
deeply. I'm an animal lover for as long as I can remember and also a
vegetarian because I can't stand to know an animal was mistreated or
killed. I admire all the work you do to save those animals that have
crossed the path of cruel people. I don't know if my life mission is
to do something like you but I'm starting to think about it seriously.
The only thing I'm affraid of is dealing with suffering animals who
have been abandonned, I don't know if I would be strong enough to
handle that and for this I give you my respect. Thank you for doing
some good in this world, maybe it will be a better place because of
that... Marie-France, Quebec


I saw your story on EMHE this evening and was compelled to look you up
and drop you a line to thank you for all the great work you do for
neglected, abused, and abandoned animals. There just aren't enough
people like you in the world. I have rescued nine animals over the past
seven years, from kill shelters and from under my old house, where a
neighborhood stray had her kittens before dying. Seven of those animals
are still with me (two dogs, Jed--a Carolina Dog and Zoey--a
Malamute/Whippet mix), my former husband (two Dalmatians, Belle and
Stella) and two cats (Charlie and Prue), and a silky Terrier/hound mix
(Carolina), who is with my parents. (I lost two cats, Delilah to
poisoning and Pixel to a pack of stray dogs). Of my dogs, two
experienced terrible abuse--Stella was stabbed by her former owner, who
would scream commands at her and punish her for not responding, not
realizing she was congenitally deaf, and Zoey was beaten--I'm still
working on getting her to the point of letting people other than me
touch her. I would take in more til the cows come home if I didn't live
in the city and have both a tiny apartment and a very limited budget.
But I'm so thankful that there are people like you who help these
animals find the loving homes they deserve--I can't imagine my life
without my beasties. So, from our home to yours, thank you for your
work in helping the needy animals find love, trust, and homes.
Sincerely, ML, Jed and Zoey


Dear True Blue Rescue, I just watched, as millions of others did, Extreme
Makeover.  I rarely have the chance to as I am very busy, but I am so glad I
tuned in tonight.  I love animals and have worked with rescue organizations for
the last 12 years, spending four of those years taping a local adopt-a -pet
cable show. The last group of puppies I rescued were still being born when the
owner called me and told me she would drown them in a tub if I did not take
them off her hands.  She bred her Pitt Bull and sold the puppies for top
dollar, but this time, the mother pitt got pregnant in the yard when a stray
wondered in.  Therefore, the pups were worthless and "ugly".  I begged her to
let the pups stay with mom until four weeks of age, but she refused. The best I
could do was pay her $30 a dog,(there were 8) to keep them with mom until 2
weeks of age. I worked with a rescue organization that had a woman ready to
feed them round the clock until 8 weeks of age as long as I could keep them for
one of those weeks myself.  At 4 weeks, they were all exposed to Parvo from
another litter, but the immunities from their mother pulled them
through.Happily, they all made it to 8 weeks thanks to the hard work and love
of so many-just for 8! The last was adopted before Christmas -all to very happy
homes :)  Although I am a single mom, and don't have a great deal of money, it
was the best $240 I have ever spent. Not much of the world knows about the kind
of work, love, money, time,sweat, and at times, tears and heartache goes into
what you do.  I know and I thank you for the sacrafices you make everyday for
your animals.  So many people have asked me why I love animals the way I do and
how I could let so many come home with me or why I bother nursing them when
they are ill-"they're just animals", they say. Tonight the world that watched
the show understood  Extreme Makeover did a great job building you all a
beautiful home and so very well deserved it was!  But even better, they
educated the world and gave recognition to those few people in the world
willing to give up so much to help animals that have so little. THANK YOU FOR
ALL YOU DO FOR ANIMALS!  I know the in's and out's of the sacrafices you make
everyday, but could never do it all myself.  Enjoy your beautiful new home and
know that you truly are angels to the animals you help and to the world around
you.  I will be making a donation to your organization since I cannot foster
right now.  Keep up the amazing work!   Shayla in Redford

Dear Melanie, Absolutely, whatever part of my email you'd like to print on the
web page-I'd be honored. I will definately email ABC. The mere fact that 800
dogs/cats are put to sleep every minute in this country is a fact that I think
most people don't know about. Every time I hear someone say that they will
adopt their next pet from a breeder, I tell them about that fact and encourage
them to go through a rescue league or a shelter instead. I am going to contact
the organization I have most recently worked with here in Michigan called Last
Chance Rescue. They are a pretty big and a very organized organization with
several very dedicated volunteers. I am going to let them know to also email
ABC and maybe a "strength in numbers" type tactic might get them to do
something further about this matter. I did tape a local cable show in this area
for four years (maybe I mentioned that before) and became known to viewers as
"the dog lady". There were so many dogs that were put on the show that needed
a good home and came from the most deplorable situations-being tied to a tree
with a hanger behind a crack house in Detroit, being thrown from a car on the
expressway, being shot, starved, or left outside to freeze to death in the dead
of winter-just to name a few. It made me sick and so angry. Right now I
cannot foster because of the pups I had here with Parvo and the rescue league
will only send me sick babies, but I would definately be open to focusing on
any other way to help rescue animals that I can. Keep up the good work and I
will try to rally people together on my end to send ABC that email. Also, take
a look at the attached pictures-that is me with just a few of the animals I
have rescued in the past :) Both the cat and dog were taken to the Humane
Society and hours away from euthanasia. The only way I could get them out was
to adopt them myself becasue both were covered so badly in mange that they were
just going to put them down. They were the first two I had on my show- a long
time ago, and went to great loving homes! The other picuture is a copy of an
article that was done on the orgainzation I used to work with. If it wasn't
for this article, our cable show never would have started-the producer was also
an animal lover and built the whole show around the premise of featuring our
animals in need of a home. Sincerely, Shayla

I am Ashley, an 18 year old student from Ontario Canada. I was truly
inspired by your organisation. I saw T-Bar on Extreme Makeover and as I
watched I had to continue wiping away my tears to be able to continue
watching. I want to be able to live my dream of helping animals just like
you have done. I have a love for dogs, and I have rescued my own
Basenji-X and i recently adopted a three legged kitten. I also love horses
and I ride in my spare time. I still am waiting to rescue my own horse,
unfortunately I do not have the time nor the space. I am so glad that
there are people in this world like you who are willing to help animals
the way you do. I am currently working at an animal hospital after school,
and I am planning to become a veternarian. I have been working hard to
live my dream of becoming a vet, since I started working at the vets when
I was 14. I just thought I would take the time to thank you for the
inspiration from the extreme makeover show. It makes me want to continue
living my dream of helping animals. My hometown is currently working on
builiding our own humane society building. As of right now they are using
foster homes and veternarian clinics to provide the homes for our animals.
I hope that I will be able to beome a volunteer there and that it grows to
become an organization like yourselves. Thank you again
Ashley in Ontario


I would imagine you are being bombarded by email by now, and Praise God for
you! I too had a large rescue in MO, an outdoor facility, no kill sanctuary. I
was founder and chief scooper along with everything else for seven years until
a car wreck has disabled me five yrs ago. Seven days a week for seven years,
but each of them were worth it. At the time of my wreck there were about 250
dogs and 35 cats and the Haven is still operating now. It takes a special heart
to be able to reach out to the animals. I live in a 24' motor home since my
home burned and have 4 dogs and 2 cats living with me. They were rescues that
adopted me at the Haven before my wreck and I could not part with them, it is
cozy but we are very happy. Two of them have been with me for over ten years,
they are my kids..
I have a new one that has been dumped on me, actually there was a litter, just
dumped out here in the country. I found homes for three of them, but ole Mutt
is still here, and that has been six months. Everyone keeps saying they are
full and well you know how it goes. He is just a plain jane kind of dog just
over knee high and really docile and submissive. The people around here,
including my landlord, would like to shoot him and I just can't let that
happen. So you do what you can, and keep hoping one of the rescues who he is
listed with can find him a spot. Well I have taken enough of your time, I am so
thrilled for all that ABC could do for you. That is just awesome and what a
power of God it speaks to so many people. Thank you for all that you do to help
the furry ones and be a voice for those who cannot speak. Charlene


Hello! I just finished watching your home's complete make-over. Your family is
doing something I wish I could do, rescue as many animals as you can. I have a
rescued chocolate lab named Lacy. She is the best. My older sister and I
always talk about needy animals and we say "wouldn't it be
nice to have a farm one day to keep animals?" Maybe someday...
We were appalled at what happened to the animals as a result of Katrina. It's
such a relief that people like you are out there caring for them. Animals need
a voice! They are such a gift and many people treat them like they are
disposable. After watching your story I had to say thank you (a million times
over) for doing what you do. It's so important. You are an inspiration and a
gift to so many needy animals.
Sincerely, Alison and Lacy

Of course you may post my email. I will definitely write ABC and
encourage them to help other rescue organizations. I think educating
people is the only way to reduce the amount of neglected and abused
animals. If only more people understood that just because animals do not
speak a language humans understand that animals still feel hurt, sad, joy,
lonely, cold, hot and especially physical pain. I would give anything for
the people who have abused animals to feel exactly what they have made the
animal feel. Animal abuse is worse to me than humans abusing humans
(minus babies and young children). At least we have choices and a voice
to cry for help. An animal is at the mercy of that person and most go
unnoticed. If the abuse becomes public knowledge people think "oh, it's
only an animal. That life is no where near as valuable as a human life."
That frame of mind infuri! ates me.
Animals have the amazing ability to love us unconditionally and forgive.
If only humans could be so open and find value in every living creature.
Please give many hugs and kisses to all your animals on my behalf. Take
care!!!! Sincerely, Alison and, of course, Lacy

I saw you on the Extreme Make-over show tonight on television. I wish to
commend the work you do.
I live in Newark, Ohio. I am currently looking at buying a 12 acre horse farm
to create an animal rescue. I am a police officer in Newark and often take in
injured/abandoned animals. My co-workers call me all of the time with animal
questions and situations.
We are in desperate need for a "safe haven" in our area. Often animals are
take to the county dog pound and put down.
Can you tell me what helpful resources you used when getting started.
Unfortunately, I missed the first 15 minutes of the show.
Any assistance you can give would be greatly appreciated!!! Again,
congratulations on your success (and your new home!)!
Lynette of Newark Ohio


I just got done seeing your family and story on Extreme Makeover: Home
Edition on ABC. I just wanted to say Thank you. I am a college student
in Mobile, AL and I am in an organization here on campus called
SouthPaws. We volunteer at local Petsmart stores with the humane society
with adoptions and we also volunteer at the ARFanage. I hear some people
saying at times "People are more important...they should be taking in
abandoned children or orphaned children". My answer is animals do have
feelings and there are many more animals abandoned and without care. And
they have no say...they have no voice. There have got to be people in
this world that care about people..and there have got to be others to care
about the smaller creatures or else this world will simply not work. I
believe 100% in your efforts and cause. Way to go guys. I wish I could
come help, but Texas is so far away! So I will stick to my local efforts.
I am from the Gulf Coast in Mississippi and I thank you for your help also
with the Katrina animal victims. I would take in many more animals than
the two dogs and fish I already have if I could. You can bet my next pet
will be a rescue. Keep up the good work and know there are those of us
that are behind you. God Bless you all.
Brooke in Gulfport, MS

Hello there,
What a blessing to have caught a few minutes of Extreme Home Makeover
tonight! I saw just enough to know I had to race to the computer (like
I'm sure MANY, MANY others are doing right now) to contact you all. A
couple of weekends ago, I was driving home to the Dallas/Fort Worth area
from Katy, and just happened to go through Brenham. I remember wondering,
"What goes on in Brenham besides Blue Bell?" Well, now I know.
I love animals deeply, passionately, and oftentimes, so much it hurts.
I've stopped numerous times to try and save loose or lost dogs who are
trying to find their ways home. My friends get a kick out of my efforts.
It's not enough -- it's never enough. Being a teacher doesn't allow me to
help financially either, so I feel that my hands are tied. I'd sure love
to help you guys out in some way though. In fact, a big part of me would
like to pack a large duffel bag, my guitar, and my border collie, and head
right down to Brenham tonight! :) Surely you must have a great need for an
animal lover/musician/teacher ;)
I would love to see your place sometime and really get a feel for what you
guys are doing. If you're open to that kind of thing, please let me
know. I am truly inspired by seeing your efforts on tv tonight (and VERY
excited to find out you're in my state!), and would like very much to be
in touch and help out in whatever way I can.
I hope this letter from a stranger was nice to read on your new computer!
Sincerely and with much admiration, Shelley

Hello, my name is Jaime and I'm a 15 year old living in Kent, OH. For many
years now I have dreamed of having an animal sanctuary of my own some day. I
have been seeking advice about my future with animals and I wasn't sure who to
ask but when I saw you on ABC Family I knew you would be the right people to go
to for advice. The questions I have are concerning how I would even begin to
pay for so many animals and what kind of job I would need to do that. My
dilemma is that if I become a veterinarian I probably won't be home enough to
give my animals the full attention that they deserve, but I will most likely be
making enough money to run the sanctuary and even saving money on vet bills if
I were able to take care of the animal's medical needs myself. I heard you
mention on TV that you both work eight hour days, how do you manage to get all
of it done? I know it may seem that I am a little young to be worried about all
of this now but animals are truly my life and it would be greatly appreciated
if you could use your experience to give me advice on what steps I should be
taking now and what direction I should be going in my schooling to get the
correct job that would benefit my animals the most. Animals don't have a voice
and there are so few like you who truly care enough to give your entire lives
to them, you do so much and I look up to you for all that you do. Thank you so
much for your time. God bless you. Jaime

Just wanted to say I just watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition featuring your
family, and I cried through the entire show. You are an incredible family, and
I am so happy that you got your new home and fantastic animal facilities. The
world truly needs more people like you. I wish you all the best with future
endeavors. I am attaching a few pictures of my pet potbellied pigs, Ruby and
Bart. I don't usually watch E.M.H.E, but happened to see two pigs in the first
couple of minutes before I changed the channel. I am crazy about pigs. My
husband and I hope to start a pig rescue farm in a few years time. Best of luck
to you all, and thank you for all you do for HOOVES, PAWS and CLAWS! Sincerely,
Sherry, Ontario, Canada.

I do not know who is going to get this...BUT I saw the ABC Home Makeover
tonight..and about cried the whole time! As an owner of 3 dogs 3 cats 6
chickens one bird a rabbit a duck, I admire and thank you for what you all do.
I live in South Florida...and hopefully will be able to make a donation to you
soon. God bless and hope you enjoy your great gift from ABC! GOD BLESS ~
Joann of WPB Florida

T-bar, God bless you for all you do. Saw your home makeover, cried several
times. So happy for your family and the animals. Would dearly love to adopt
Trina but we are a home in Illinois of 2 horses, 5 cats, 4 parrots+ (babies in
the nest now), 1 Chow and a Labradoodle. Do not think I can convince my husband
we need another to love. Wanted to tell you that your story touched my heart
and I appreciate your work so much. Thelma

I had to take a moment to find your website and locate your email. We just
watched you on tv this evening and I cried half way thru it. You all touched
my heart so deeply as my heart is where yours is. I adore all animals, they
are a gift from God to us and there are many people who abuse the right to have
one of these precious animals. I was so excited for you, this is the first
time I was so happy to see a family receive all of this. I had five animals of
my own and lost a beloved one this month. I foster for a rescue here in
Atlanta area called The Dog House Rescue. I take animals from abusive owners
and dare them to try to stop me, then find them homes. I take them off the
street and bring them home. There is so much abuse sometimes I get so down I
hurt inside and think I can't keep it up. A precious lady with a rescue called
Arkful here in the Atlanta area also says: I cannot save the entire world all
at once But, I can save it one dog at a time. Remember, Noah built the ARK for
the ANIMALS. I refuse to refer to myself and others as "owners" of animals. We
need to feel more like a guardian of our animal companions. I wish you were
closer and I would volunteer with your organization. God bless you and I will
be praying for you. Keep saving our furballs......
What would they do without you. Linda in McDonough, GA

Hi there, I just saw you on EM tonight. I live in Corpus Christi so it was nice
to hear you were from Texas. I wanted to let you know how awesome you are for
helping animals. I believe in what you are doing and wish I was able to do the
same thing. I have told my fiance' that if I had the money I would take in
animals. He calls me "Corpus Chrsiti SPCA". May God bless you, your family
and your organization. Sincerely, Wendi

I just wanted to say I think its wonderful what you all do!!! I wish you lived
near me in Canada, so I could come over all the time to see those beautiful
animals. Although my Pug/shihtzu wasn't a rescue animal, I know how close he
is to my heart, and I am hoping my next animal will be a rescue. Your all very
inspiring and deserve every bit of goodness that can be Hopefully others see
your episode on EMHE and are inspired as well. Keep up the good work. Connie &
Nizmo of Grimsby, Ontario

I am sure you are getting tons of calls and e-mails, but wanted to add mine to
the rest! The show was great - and wow! What great facilities for all of the
critters, and what a beautiful home! It also was such a good message to
everyone about people who care and make a difference in animal's lives! Yea for
all of you! :) Lisa C., President Schertz Humane Society


Hello! Congrats on your new home! I can only imagine how many of these emails
you've already gotten since the show finished airing just minutes ago. My name
is Jamie Ladd. I am a teacher in Sanders, Arizona, just off of the Navajo
Reservation. I've lived here for 4 years now, and do what I can to help the
animals here, but it is so difficult because there are so many. Just from
watching the show, I'm not sure whether or not you travel, but this area is in
desparate need of some rescue. It is so bad, that daily there is a dog that
has been hit on the side of the road, or you can pull into the gas station and
there are 4 or 5 homeless, starving dogs roaming around. I feel terrible for
them, and feed them and give them water, but I cannot take them all home!!! If
your organization can help, the animals in the area would be gratful. Even if
you came and spade and neutered for a day. Let me know if there is anything I
can do, thank you for your time, Jamie Ladd

I am sure you will swamped with mail after abc aired you all on extreme
makeover but I just had to write and tell you how it moved me to see what you
are doing. I did wildlife rehabilitation for almost 15 years before I got ill,
then had to give it up. However, we have ahousefull alos-22 dogs, 16 cats, 3
horses, and 2 chinchillas. Most of the dogs were rescued and the dogs and cats
just seem to find thier way to our home. We love them all. I will pray for you
and all you are doing-wishing you great success and your reward will be in
heaven where you will be greeted by all you have saved. I wish I could
contribute to your cause but as you well know the cost we have of taking care
of what we have. I do have a question, though, if we were to adopt a horse or
other animal how is transportation arranged? I live in PA-we have 12 acres on
top of a mountain-a lovely spot , really. I look forward to hearing from you
and may God bless you and yours. love, an animal lover also
Kim , Danville PA

I just want to commend you on the work that you do!! You are wonderful human
beings!!The world needs more people like you in it!!I am a pet owner of 5 cats
and an iguana,until recently my husband and I had a Boxer named PIMP,he was
such a wonderful dog.We decided in the best interest of Pimp that we put him to
sleep ,after 10 years of caring for him,my friend and lifetime companion was
gone.I commend you in your efforts to love and care for these lost ,neglected
and abused animals!AMEN for people like you AMEN!..A loving pet owner.
JoAnne, FlatRock,MI

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