Children's Stories 2004 Dog Walk



These stories have been written and submitted to True Blue Animal Rescue on the occasion of TBAR's First Annual "Dogs Pause For A Cause" Dog Walk, held on October 30, 2004, at the Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historical Site. Keep checking back as we continue to add to these pages. Thank you to all the children who participated and to their teachers for their help.

Each child who participated received a certificate like this:

If there are any children's or teacher's named incorrectly, please email here.


*Mrs. Winklerís Fourth Grade Class at Alton Elementary School
*Mrs. Bullock's Fourth Grade Class at Alton Elementary School
*Mrs. Zeiders' Fourth Grade Class at Alton Elementary School
*Mrs. Pipes' Fourth Grade Class at Brenham Elementary School
*Mrs. Schmidt's Fourth Grade Class at Brenham Elementary School



Mrs. Winklerís Fourth Grade Class at Alton Elementary School


The Best Dog in the World by Amy Catlin

My dogís name is BearBear. She is the best dog in the world. The reason I say the best dog in the world is because she can do things that no other dog can do. She fishing everyday. She is a life saver too and man does she know how to hunt.

My dog has a great temperament with humans. Especially my family. Bear gets along with me great. Maybe it is because I am her master I think she has a great personality.

Bear is a great dog. And she loves play time. Play time is a time when I do things with Bear. We go swimming and we chase the cows and sometimes we jump, run, and frolic through the woods. She just loves play time.

I trained Bear hot to jump, speak and drop the ball. And Iíll say ďBear, do you like George Washington?Ē She will bark once. That means yes. Twice means no and three times mean ďheck noĒ. I taught Bear how to go to Bearís bed. That means go to your bed.

Bear is a special dog and I will treasure that for the rest of my life.

My Dog by Angel ?

My dog's name is Wet Spot because he uses the bathroom in our living room. Every Saturday morning we wake up and on our carpet there's a spot that's wet. That's why we call him wet spot. He does funny things. When he sees some people dress up he wets on their pants. He starts to bark and then they look down and see the fresh spot. One day after school when I came home my soccer practice cloths were full of soaking wet and they smelled so bad. He bites you if he doesn't know you. When I first got him he didn't know me and when I picked him up he bit me on my finger. When you don't give him kibbles and bits he starts chasing you and runs really fast. When you do give him kibbles and bits he doesn't bite you he licks you all over. I love my dog.

My Dog Tapper by Meghan Cocking

My Mom had a Brittny when I was born. So I have grown up with dogs all around me. Ever since I was three I have wanted a dog of my own. For my ninth birthday my Mom and Dad bought me a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and I named her Tapper.

My Tapper is very short but she thinks she is a big dog. She has tan on her head, black on her back, and white feet. She has no tail, but is very cute!

I think I should have named her Hyper because she is so hyper. She dan be sweet especially when she licks my face. She is never tired. She never wants to go to bed! I get her to by giving her treats that I throw in her crate.

I have been going to dog show ever since I was little. I have wanted to show dogs for a long time. There are three main parts of showing dogs. Conformation which is when you are judged for how your dogs looks. Obedience is how well your dog listens to you. For example they heel, come, and sit. Last is Agility where your dog goes through shoots and up ladders and seesaws. I want to do all three of these things with Tapper.

Because Tapper is so shot, she does lots of funny things. One time she was covered in dirty, smelly dirt. She is scared of floating thins like hover-disks and balloons. She barks at them.

Tapperís favorite thins to do are dig and get her face covered in dirt. She also likes to snuggle on the big couch and in the hammock with me.

I hope my dog Tapper lives a long time just like my Momís Brittny.

Good Dog Chase by Chandler Wellmann

Today Iím going to the vet to get Chase my Golden Retriever his nasty pink medicine. Because heís a Golden Retriever heís as gold as pure gold. I asked Chase why he doesnít like the vet and he replied ďI donít like the vet because he put a shot in my paw, so now my aw is sore.Ē When we got inside the office they called Chase. Chase went into the office very well. But after that the problem started. Chase ran out the door, through the yard, and into the car. I called him and said. All weíre doing is giving you your pink medicine to make you less hyper. Chase replied, ďNo lie?Ē Yes, no lie. ďPlay Iíll trust you but donít lie okay.Ē After the medicine was taken we went home and Chase settled own and fell asleep. I muttered under my breath, ďGood dog Chase.Ē

 My Dog and I by Cassidy Albus

My dog and I have a great relationship. I would always take care of Sammy. He is the best dog ever because he learns new things, like learning tricks. Sammy is as great as a trained wolf. His fur is snowy white, and it is beautiful. Heís a star shining bright. When I get bored I would put a baby diaper on him and stroll him in a stroller. Sammy loved it! He would fall fast asleep. It looked funny because he would prop his paws on a bar and put hiss other paws in the air. He looked like he was flying like superman. If you were there you would be laughing your brains out. He was really cute sleeping like that. Sammy barks loud when he sees someone or something. I would always calm him down by holding him in my arms. Sometimes when he gets scared, he chases his tail, he spins around in a circle trying to bite his tail. Itís cute how he does it. My dog is adorable and he is the best. Iíll love my dog forever. 

Lawdy the Dog by Bess Newmon

Lawdy is a Labrador Retriever. He is owned by my grandpa, John Barnhill. They live right up the hill from my house. Lawdy is a good as a gentle cat. Lawdy is par o f the family. He has been since 1994. Lawdy is energetic. He is happy and a good friend too. Lawdy is a yellow lab. He is medium sized and feels really soft. He has brown eyes too.

Because we donít want Lawdy to be chasing cats and rabbits, he is trained.

Lawdy lives inside because John is so nice. You might see him lying in front of Johnís study. He also gets walked every day.

 Once when I was little I sat on his back. I have a picture hat I can look at. Lawdy is a good dog. He is friendly and loves people too. Iím glad he is my grandog!

 My Pets by Brandie Dahlguist

I have two dogs. They are great pets. They are different kinds of dogs. One is a white lab and the other is a brown Chihuahua. Missy is the brown Chihuahua and is very protective. She weighs three pounds and is six inches tall. She is as little as a mouse. Missy is two and a half years old. She barks really loud and mean if a stranger or someone comes to the door and knocks. She wears a bell around her neck. If we canít find her we listen closely for the bell. The second dog is named Electra. She is the white lab. She is playful and powerful. She likes to jump on people that walk around the block. Electra can fetch a doe and bring it back to me. I let her chase me around the house and jump on the trailer Sometimes she gets really scared and doesnít jump at all and runs away from me. She weighs about fifty-five pounds and is about two feet tall. I love my dogs a lot and never want anything to happen to them as long as I live. They are very special to me.

Spook the Marvelous Dog by Kristen Powell

I have a dog and his name is Spook. Heís an outside dog. We always take good care of him. We give him water and food. He is as big as Clifford the big red dog.

My favorite thing about Spook is that he does tricks. One time he jumped through hot fire. Another time I threw a Frisbee in 6 ft. of water and he caught it.

Spook is a well trained dog. He always listens to me and none of my family. I always sit on my front porch and eat my lunch.

When I eat, Spook always tries to eat my food off my plate.

Spook is a big black dog with big teeth. He is very strong. He likes to jump on me and knock me down and he licks my face.

He is always trying to bite people that my family and I donít know. Before I go inside I check to see if Spook is loose. I sure donít want him to bite anybody!

I always give my dog a bath because I donít want him to stink. After heís finished taking his bath I always touch him because he is so smooth. I love the way Spook smells too spook is a marvelous dog. I donít know what to without him!

 My Dog by Jessi ?

My dogís name is Little Mama. She is brown and black and a female Pit Bull. She can do some tricks on the ground. She can catch the Frisbee. When she catches the Frisbee she does flips and some front flips. She is so good at that! She is good at playing soccer.

She is my favorite dog. Little Mama always plays with me at the park. When we go to the water she is so scared of the water. Little Mama likes me but not my brother. She is not mean to the other dogs but she is so loud at barking we canít sleep because of the barking. She is going to have babies on December 14. I canít wait to see what her puppies will look like.

 My Three Dogs by Devonda Coleman

I would like to share a story about my three dogs. When they wee people they like to bark. My dog T.P. likes to lay in the grass. He is black and white. He is a very fast runner and runs as fast as lightning. We also have another dog named Charcoal. He likes to play a lot. He likes to jump when you pick him up and put him back on the ground he will get his claws and stick them into your shirt. My dogs are as smart as a human. They eat bones, bread, and also cheese. Their favorite food is the bones, because they are good and hard. We also have another dog P.T. She does not like to bark a lot. So thatís why I like her. I also like T.P. and Charcoal because they are like my guard dogs. They bark when things come near the house. They are the best dogs.

 Killer by Graham Henkhans

I have a Rottwieler named Killer. I got him when I was four years old. He has blue eyes and is brown and black with a cool spike collar. He eats a dog food called Kibbles and Bitts. Because my dog is trained to attack, it attacks other people. Killer barks a lot. If there was a barking contest Killer would win. Killer plays too. He always wins hide and seek because he is so fast. One time my brother Luke fed Killer some cereal and Killer looked at him like he was stupid. But one time I fed him some steak and he ate it like a starving dog. When we were camping and had a campfire Killer sneezed and the fire flared up! Killer is the best dog in the world!!!

 My Dogs by Kalagino ?

On June 18, 2001, we went on the other side of Bryan to pick up a dog. While we were driving, he used the bathroom and we all looked around to see what the smell was. My sister and I named him JaRule. Then we went back to Bryan and picked up his brother. We named him Ludachris. They are Rottweilers and they are black and brown. They were only 6 weeks when we first got them. Their coats are black shiny. I love them because they are a part of my family. They are as soft as my stuffed animal. They make me laugh when they roll around in the grass. I am glad they are in my family.

 Tucker by Riley Messer

I like my dog named Tucker. He is as small as a mouse because he is a Chihuahua. I got him at this one ladies house. She has a lot of dogs and I picked Tucker. When we first got him he could fit in your pocket. Because he was taken away from his mom, he cried almost all the way home. He was soft so I had to be careful with him. He grew up as fast as fast as a bullet. Now he prances around everywhere he goes.

He gets into everything now. If he smells something dead in the pasture, heíll get into it. He gets into the dead calves. I like when he gets crazy and you can try to catch him but you canít. If he doesnít see you knock on the door he will bark and growl funny. He sleeps with me in my bed I love my dog Tucker and Iím glad I picked him.

Brandy by Lajustice Moore

My dogís name is Brandy and she is a month old. We bought her at the pet store. She was on sale for $60.98 and me and my brother and sister wanted a dog. Dogs make sounds that mean different things. They bark, growl, howl, and whine. Dogs can hear very well too!

They can hear sounds too high for people to hear. Dogs are different sizes and shapes. They have different colors like brown, black, white, gray, and the list goes on. They eat kibbles and bits, bones, bread and other kinds of meat. Many dogs can do things like jump, stand up and they even do flips.

Dogs love to chase cats. They live in real houses and fake dog houses. Dogs can run fast and can probably out run humans. They have really fast legs. Some dogs can catch Frisbees and tennis balls. If you throw a Frisbee or a tennis balls sometimes the dog will probably catch it.

 My Dog Corey by Halle Saxton

I had a wonderful dog named Corey. He was caring, sweet, and loving. My dog was a mixed breed with long black hair. He liked to play with k9ids as big as him. Corey was friendly, but when he saw strangers, he barked really loud to let us know that someone was coming in the house. He was 10 years old and very big. He liked to play ball, go for walks, and stick his tongue out. That meant he was thirsty. He hated taking a bath. My dog Corey ran away and I never found him. I hope he is safe because he was my friend.

 Maxie by Augustine Solazar

 When I go to Mexico I always stay at my grandmaís house. She lets me walk her dog Maxie. He is 8 years old. I once got bit by another dog. Maxie tried chasing the dog away. A man named Jorge heard Maxie bark. He came and scared the dog away. He called my Mom and Dad. They took me home and put a bandage on my leg. A few months later Maxie died and we were really sad. We buried him in our back yard so we would away remember him.

 Buddy by Olivia Van Hook

 For Christmas last year I got a black, half toy Chihuahua and half toy rat terrier. I was as happy as a clown when I got him. He was 8 weeks old then he is about 10 months now. Buddyís favorite activities are chewing his toys, barking, sleeping and acting crazy. I like to take Buddy on walks. My house backs up to the Blinn football/track field. Buddy and I walk on the track. Because it is always hot when we walk, I bring ice cold water. If kids are on the track or football field, they either want to pet Buddy, walk with us, or talk to me. Sometimes if somebody runs past us he starts to bark. Then Iíll have to tell him to stop barking when we get home we lay on the couch together. When my Dad comes in then the craziness starts coming. They both start to run. Buddy likes to play bite. If he starts to bits hard then we say ďeasyĒ. After they stop playing I put him in his room to sleep. I like playing with Buddy. I could have never asked for a better dog!

 My Dog Checo by Everett Webb

 A long time ago I had a dog. His name was Checo. I got him from my aunt for Christmas. It was in a box. I had walked by it and started around and back. The box had my name on it. I started to jump around and I opened the box. My Dad let me take it outside when I had finished opening my presents. When I had finished opening my presents. When I got outside I started to dig a hole because it was very shy. When I tried to give it a bath it would jump right out of my hands. I did not get very much time to play with my puppy. Because it dies soon after I got it.

Shaggy by Taylor Cross 

My dog name is Shaggy. It is very nice and it is well trained. When I say up it stands on two legs. And when I say down it goes down. It loves to eat a lot of bones. Shaggy gets fed every day because I want it to be a very strong and healthy dog so it can protect my family and I. Thatís not the only reason the other is because I donít want it to die cause its not eating. So that is why I feed him. I love my dog Shaggy! You could call it Shag if you would like.

 Me Saving a Dog by Daniel

 One day I was walking through the street when I saw this dog running real fast. A man was coming after it with a gun. I stopped him and I asked him ďwhy are you trying to kill him?Ē

Because he bit my daughter. Why do you have to kill him? You could just take him to the dog pound. Maybe I donít have to kill him. Iíll take him to the dog pound. Then I went to the dog pound and I got him out. Now he is my pet.

 Two Dogs by Chris ?

 I have two dogs. They are very nice and cute. They do tricks like act like a fireman and do flips. They are named Roxanne and Dirty Dancer. They are fun to play with because they like to exercise. They eat dog chow and meat with hot sauce which they like. We have a bit yard that they can play in. Roxanne is gold. Dirty Dancer is brown and black. They like playing fireman a lot. They climb up ladders and fences.

They jump over fences too and do not bite at all. They are very excited when we get home from school because she jumps on me and licks me a lot. The only way to get them off me is to give them a dog treat. They drink milk, juice, and water. I really love my dogs!

 My Dog by Zackary Snook

 I have a dog named Hercules. Heís really funny. Once I was doing my homework with my Mom and all of a sudden Boom!!! We looked out the window and we saw Herc with a shoe in his mouth. It went over his eyes so he couldnít see. He ran back and forth and running into the house. He does a lot of tricks like shake, fetch, sits, lay, and sic Ďem. He is a cool dog and likes playing with my cousinís dog and me. He likes to chase me when Iím riding my bike. When he gets in trouble itís usually because heís chewing on something heís not supposed to. His name is Hercules because he was big when he was a puppy.

 My Dog Spanky by Steven Murski

 Spanky is my dog and he likes to eat meat like steak, chicken and sausage. What I donít get is when he is full he always runs around. What is so amazing is that he is able to kill venomous snakes and fast little mice. I guess itís pretty easy because he is a Rat Terrier. Now those are pretty fast! He had killed a rat, 5 snakes and 8 toads. He likes to play soccer. When he first kicked the ball I thought he broke his ankle but he didnít. He loves to kick the soccer ball, when he is out of his pen. This new family moved in and he loves their little boy. If he were Spankyís son, Spanky would do anything, I mean anything for him. He is also a good watch dog because he barks at everything. This one time he barked at a cricket. The cricket was right behind me when Spanky started to bark his bloody head off. I turned around ready to fight but I could not see anything. Then I saw a cricket. I put it in his face and he barked louder so I put it down and went in the house. Spanky is a great dog.

 My Dog by Diego Martinez

 I always wanted a pet dog until my aunt called me and said ďDo you want a puppyĒ. I said ďYesĒ. When said she was going to give it to me when she came to my house. When my aunt came she took out the puppy and it ran as fast a as cheetah. So my Mom and I took it to Petco to get its food. We got Pedigree for Puppies and we got it a black collar and a leash and we also got shampoo for the dog. Then we went to the veterinarian to get its shots for fleas and rabies. We asked them what kind of dog it was and they said itís a German Shepard. Its color is black and brown. When we went back to my house I put it in a big cage and put in puppy food and water. When I let it go it was running around. The dog is very smart. When I was walking it was barking like a toy puppy and walk8ng real fast and it tripped. My do is smart and I love it.

 My dog Shelby by Megan Kenjura

 My dog Shelby can be a rascal but most of the time she is good. Shelby is a beautiful yellow Labrador retriever. When Shelby was born we could not find her because she was born under an abandoned house. She was approximately six weeks when we found her because we could not catch her. Finally, my Dad was driving by that abandoned house that she was born under and saw another one of our dogs, Kate. Kate and her pup Shelby were laying in the front yard. My Dad jumped out of the mule and caught Shelby! Of course Kate followed him because that was her pup.  

Because she does good deeds we sometimes give her bones or treats. My dog Shelby can be as funny as a clown. One of her clown acts she put on was the time one of our neighbors was going to drain an old tank and build a new one. We let our dogs out of their pen to let them roan and have fun. Well, when they came back both of our dogs were covered in mud and little green beads. Our dogs had that stuff on them because they were at eh part where my neighbors drained the tank and our dogs rolled in the water that was drained. When my Mom tried to spray them off Shelby ran away. My Mom tied her to a table and sprayed her off. Shelby took off running with the table dragging behind her. She took that table through the flower beds, trampled all of the flowers and broke one of the lights. Shelby is not trained but I am planning on training her. Shelby also doesnít bit. I love my dog Shelby wouldnít you?

 Bruiser by Emily Dollar

 I have a dog named Bruiser. I love him very much. My family got him from my Dadís friend, because he was digging holes in their yard. But since we got him he has not dug one hole. He is a Blue Healer and part Welch Corgi He is as cute as a button. Bruiser is very, very small. If you put your legs right above your knees he will jump up and dance with you.

On bright sunny days, he will lay out in the cool sand on his back to cool down. Bruiser eats dog food. One time when my brother set his live trap, Bruiser got stuck in it. When my brother Dylan and our cousin JonJon walked down to see if they caught anything, they found Bruiser. I love Bruiser more than any other dogs I have had and thatís a lot of love.

 My Dog Tucker by Preston Bailey

 It was Friday afternoon when I came home. I saw all of my friends with a dog, but I didnít have one. So my Mother, brother, and I went to the dog pound to get me a new dog so I would not be the only one in the neighborhood without one. There were a lot of dogs to pick but I found one that was as fluffy as a pillow. Every time I pet it, it feels like cotton. Before we left the store, we had to sign a contract that shows the dog was officially min to take home. When we got home, I started to train Tucker, well thatís what I decided to call him. He was not very tall. He was only ten inches tall and he weighed three pounds one ounce. His color is sort of yellowish orange and he is twelve inches long. He is very shy. If someone messes with him he will snap at them or he will bark. Every time he barks it sounds like a speeding bullet. When he eats his food, he spits it right on out of his mouth. It must taste nasty. I think Tucker is the best dog ever!


Mrs. Bullock's Fourth Grade Class at Alton Elementary School


A Special Dog by Darian Miller

Have you ever thought about how amazing dogs can be? They can do lots of things and most of them are to help people. One of the rarest kind of dogs are seizure dogs. They can tell when someone is going to have a seizure about twenty minutes before it actually happens. When they detect that someone is going to have a seizure, they act differently to alert the person.

There is a seizure dog I know named Trixie. She helps my aunt because my aunt has seizures.
Trixie has a pack that straps on her back. When the pack is on her back, she knows that she is on duty and puts all of her focus on my aunt. However when the pack is off, Trixie is just like a normal dog.

Trixie makes sure that my aunt is safe when she is about to have a seizure. My aunt doesn't et near as many injuries anymore all thanks to Trixie! As you can tell, Trixie is a great, lovable dog.

My Dog Nicky by Jonathan Walker
I have a dog named Nicky. She is a very special dog. My family and I got Nicky about 10 months ago. When we got Nicky she was skinny, afraid, and abused. We were happy to get her so that we could take better care of her. My family and I have a good home for her.

My dog Nicky is very destructive, but still very special to my family and me. She is a mixed breed. She is half Pitbull and half Weimereiner. Nicky weighs about 65 lb. and is tan. She is about 1 foot and 22 inches tall and is very strong. Nicky also smells bad even after I give her a bath. Nicky loves to run in the yard and chase things. She especially loves to chase after squirrels. I have even seen her go half way up a tree before just to try and catch a squirrel.

When Nicky is out playing in the yard she likes to play with her rope. She likes to try and take it from you and play tug a war. She has very strong teeth and it is very hard to take the rope away from her. She also has sharp nails and scratches me all the time.

Nicky also loves to jump on the trampoline. If you mess with Nicky while she is on the trampoline with you, she will try and bite you. Once she even broke a spring on the trampoline.

My Special Dog Lady by Precious Williams

 If someone asked me about my last Friday, I would say that it was bright and sunny day outside, so my dog Lady and I went to Jackson Street Park to go for a quick run on the track field. She is a mix breed dog with a German shepherd and bulldog. Lady is 2 ft tall and she weighs 35 pounds.

When we arrived to Jackson Street Park, she started running on the track field fast as a rabbit. About 10 minutes later she stop and took a quick break under a cool shade tree, then she start back running again with me. While we were running I fell down on the ground my dog Lady lick my face. My Mom asked me, ďAre you OK?Ē I said back ďYes Mama, Iím really OK.Ē My Mom said that it was time to eat the lunch that she packed for the park. Sister and I ate sandwiches, chips, and a cold drink of water. Sister and I clean the mess that we made at the table. We put it in the trash. After we were done, Mom said, ďare you ready to go now?í Lady started jumping up and down barking gas if she knew it was time to leave the park. Soon as we got home I fed Lady. After I fed her the first time, then she want more chow food. That is called dog food. I didnít let her eat anymore chow food. As I was putting her dog food away my sister and I heard her groan at us. I think Lady was mad at me. I think that dogs are very special animals to have as pets to me in the whole wide world.

 My Dog Bambi by Chris Kelley

 Whenever I see my dog Bambi, she runs and jumps on me to let me know she missed me and wants to play. My dog is named Bambi because she is light brown. She is a Labrador Retriever. She is as tall as a chair. He smells good all the time. I like to give her a bath so she feels better when she sleeps. She always shakes herself off and gets me wet. I also like to take my dog for a walk on the weekends to the park. She always pulls me along that  I canít keep up. I love my dog because she always protects me and my family. She is part of our family. This is why I love my dog. I love my dog and she is very special to our family.

 Special Maggy by Janie Lee

 Maggy is my first dog and my dad got her from the Brenham Pet Shelter. She is as brown as a bear, and she is a good caring dog because when I say stop sheíll stop. Maggy is a big and playful dog, and she usually sleeps at our house because there are other dogs to play with a to my neighbors house. When I was 6 years old, me and my family got Maggy! Maggy is a big pretty playful dog. Every morning when I go out side she sometimes come to lick me. Of my four pets, I think Maggy is the most special.

 Salina by Quanushee ?

 Have you ever had a puppy? Puppies are amazing to have. I have a puppy named Salina. Salina is a good puppy. She runs to me when I come home. Then Iíll pick her up and rock her until she falls to sleep. Then Iíll put her in her bed. Salina is a funny puppy. She likes to eat puppy chow. She likes the puppy chow that have red pebbles. Salina has brown eyes and brown and whit fur and white on her tail. She also has small paws. Salina is a sweet puppy. She also likes to bark and when she barks it sounds so funny. Salina is not just an ordinary puppy. She is the best puppy ever.

 My Dog Rowdy by Jordan Foster

 I have a dog named Rowdy. It is a very special dog to me. Rowdy is a male. He has brw0own and white fur. He is a handsome dog I think. He is 4 years old and his birthday is on October 31 on Halloween day. Itís easy to remember. Heís 2 feet tall and 60 pounds. If you try to pick him up you have to have some muscles. Rowdy is an English springer spaniel. Rowdy has long ears. His ears are like elephants ears. Itís bad because he gets really bad ear aches. We have to take him to the vet. To get good medicine so we can put in its ears so it can go away. We love our dog. He is very nice.  Some can be mean but we got lucky that we got Rowdy. Rowdy is the best dog we had. We love our dog!!!!!!

 My Dog Heman by Dequincey Lewis

 Have you ever had a dog good as gold? Well I have. His name is Heman, a white border collie thatís two feet, and has dark black eyes. Iíve taught Heman many tricks like when we had hula hoops, he jumped back and forward. Or when we were on the trampoline he did two back flips. Heman gets along with people and other dogs. When I was five and Heman was one, we didnít know eah other. I had met him at the Humane Society and he didnít like me. Now that me and Heman are fully acquainted and grown up, we have a great friendship. As you can see, Heman is a very special dog to me.

 My Dog Scooter by Melanie ?

 My dog Scooter is a very special dog because she helps me in many different ways. She is also a pointer ad one foot and six inches. She likes chasing cars when they go by the street. Even when she sees a bird flying in the sky she will chase after it and bark at the bird to o. One time she caw me in the tree climbing. She barked so I would get off. The reason why she is really loved is because is if thereís another dog she will point to it to let us know, or help us from getting off the ground. She protects me from other people or other dogs. She is also a playful dog with some other dogs and me. We play fetch with her a lot too. She is an orange dog too. She is in our family and she is loved by my family. And because she is loved is because she protects my family.

My Dog Candy by TeíErica Mathis 

My dog Candy is a very generous puppy. She is special to me because I got her on my birthday. She will be 6 years old in 3 months. She has the same color eyes as mine, long mix with brown. She is very health for a puppy. Candy is great at fetch. We feed her BBQ, 3 kinds of bits. Her mother died. She got run over. She is light brown. Candy is a pit bull. She is the most bravest and fearless dog ever. She is brave and fearless because I know. She loves chasing her tail around the house & car. She also likes to chase us around the house. So I love her & she loves me.

 My Dog Clyde by Waylon Maxwell 

One of my favorite dogs that Iíve had so far is named Clyde. After he was born two years ago on May 24, we had a bad dog. I couldnít even pick Clyde up without him growling at me. He ate a lot so he was a big puppy. Clyde was furry too so he kept losing little spots of hair. He was about three inches tall when he was little. As he grew up, heís 8 inches now. When I ride down the road Clyde runs after us as fast as the truck. Heís a mixed breed of Chihuahua. Clyde is brown with a white stripe on his neck. I sit on the porch sometimes. He comes up there he has fishy breath. Sometimes Clyde gets under my foot so I can rub him. I really like my dog Clyde because he is very playful and special.

 Ronny by Jasmine Mcfarland

 Even though I donít have a dog of my own, my cousin has this amazing terrier named Ronny.  Ronny is a sweet gentle dog. Every time I go to my cousinís house Ronny tries to jump and lick on me. When he is locked up in his cage I make a pecking noise with my lips. Ronny perks his head up. Ronny is a small puppy. Sometimes my cousin and I feed Ronny kibbles & bits. He eats like he is on fire.
One day my cousin was having a pool party and Ronny chased all the girls. Splash! We got all wet especially Ronny because he jumped into the pool. It felt like a fire engine exploded. Ronny is a greedy but kind puppy. He is a very special dog to my cousin and I. I hope you have a dog that is as kind as Ronny.

 Crisy by Angela Ho

 If someone asked me about my dog I would say I donít have a dog but Iíll tell you about my grandmaís dog, Crisy. On the first day I saw her I was 2 years old. She was as fluffy as a cotton ball. Crisy was hind to me because she did not bite me even if she didnít know me. I love Crisy very much. Crisy cheered me up twice. The first time she cheered me up was when I fell. She immediately grabbed a ball and started to stand on it. Then Crisy fell on the ground and made me laugh. On January 56h I was sad. My whole family went to Louisiana except my Mom, Dada, and Crisy. Iíd say ďCrisy come over here so I can sit on you.Ē She ran to the closet and took a fluffy pillow so I could sit on her back. Bu Iíd throw the pillow away because Crisyís fur was so soft. On my 3rd birthday I learned that Crisy is a little Jack Russell terrier mixed with something. Crisy is very old. Se I living now. In dog years sheís 14 years and in human years sheís 96 years old. Even though Crisy is annoying, she is a great dog to have around!

 Kool-Aid by Lily Espinosa

 Have you ever had a loveable but also gentle and active dog? I did and his name was Kool-Aid. He was brown and black, powerful, muscular, and pointy eared. He was intelligent and we loved him because he was gentle, helpful, and he always come when I called for him. He was a German Shepherd and he was 20 inches tall and 75 pounds. One time my Dad mad a sandwich but then someone knocked at the door so my Dad went to answer the door. My dog was trying to be a s quiet as a mouse so he could g3t the sandwich. My Dad came back and couldnít find his fresh smelling cheesy tasting delicious looking sandwich. My Dad looked at Kool-Aid and saw cheese on his snout. My Dad got mad at Kool-Aid. Although it was hard taking car of my dog it was worth it. Three months later Kool-Aid passed away somehow but one day I will see him in heaven.

 My Dog Blaze by Ashley Holder

 My dog Blaze is one special dog. Want to know why? He is as white as snow and his eyes are brown. He has a black nose to match it. After I get up in the morning I feed him like I am his maid. Blaze likes to be bathed and brushed because he cannot do it by himself. He is an Akita. My dog is eleven months old and weighs about sixty pounds. He is going to be a big dog. Blaze is about 24 inches tall and likes to jump up and scratch me. Most of the time he is a pretty well behaved dog. Blaze is a really good friend. I am very glad I have him.

 My Special Dog by Trenten Boeker

 My special dog is named Crissiy. She is seven years old and white with black spots. She is a rat terrier and weighs four pounds. One Christmas we had a big box under the Christmas tree. It had big hole in it. We tried to save it until last but the box started to shake. We couldnít help opening it. When we opened it Crissiy jumped out and we all jumped back as fast as a running horse. After opening all of the presents, we tried to think of a name for her. The only name we could think of was Crissiy for Christmas. I love Crissiy because she barks when somebody comes and she loves to play. Even though she is small, she is still very loveable. P.S. Crissiy is as big as a rabbit.

 My Dog Sammy by Sarah ?

 When I was 8 years old I had a dog named Sammy. Who was a special dog. Whenever I needed help my dog was there to help me. He did not bark at me or other people. He was a nice dog. He smells stinky sometimes. If I touched Sammyís paw it was soft. My dog is as small as a book. He is also good at hearing me when I call him. Sometimes I say, ďCome here SammyĒ and Sammy runs to me and jumps on me. I also sometimes say, ďSammy I have a treat for youĒ and Sammy runs to the car. He can also do lots of tricks. HE knows how to flip. He is also a good dog to train. Whenever I tell him to sit he does it. That is why Sammy is special to me.

 Lilic by Paige Rivera

 Dogs are amazing pets with incredible abilities. Lilic, a four month old golden retriever has many abilities that make her so special. When the family baby rolled out of its crib Lilic picked him up. For that the Welch family is always grateful to her. She is a very loved pet with a very funny talent. Instead of a handle on the toilet thereís a button. If three year old Carla didnít flush Lilic would press the button with her nose! Lilic also helped around the house by holding toys in her mouth and helping carry buckets on Halloween. But one time she got a new orphan there and she pulled him toward her. They looked at him and he was battered and bruised. When they tried to find the parents but they were gone! From then on they were very careful about the children and their medical bills. So fro then on they loved Lilic even more.

 My Dog by Anne Rogers

 In my life I have a dog that is very special to me. Thereís many different kinds of dogs. Dogs may have a smaller or larger size. Some dogs can even do tricks. Just like shaking your hand, walking on two feet, or jumping through hoops. My dogs name is Gizmo cause he looks like a gremlin. A gremlin is a animal that has long hair, big eyes, and pointed ears. When I am sleeping and someone comes in to turn off the TV heíll start barking. Gizmo is like an alarm clock because heís as loud as one. Heís a really great dog once you get to know him because he stops me and my brother from fighting and getting in trouble. Sometimes he will jump on your bed and cuddle up to you. Have you ever seen a piece of caramel? Well thatís one of the colors on him. Then the other color is black. The lack is not very dark. You might have a dog just like that.

 About My Dog by Dillon ?

 My dog Lilly is very special for many reasons. She is special because I love her very much like she is my sister. She is a red nose pit bull. She is tan and white with green eyes. Whenever she was a puppy the people we got her from treated her really bad and we saved her. She just had thirteen puppies which we are trying to sell. She is very pretty and loves to play. Sometimes we take her camping. She loves to play in the water. She barks and bites at the waves and tries to catch fish when reeling them in. I am very happy about Lilly and I hope we have her forever.

 A Special Dog by Keisha Jackson

 I have a very special dog named Pam and she is a yellow lab. Although most people say she looks mean. But I think she is as nice as I am. While some people say my dog is as a bear and as active as a rabbit. She is just a regular average dog. My dog Pam is about the best dog on the planet as a friend and a companion. Which makes her the best friend ever. This describes my dog Pam the greatest dog to me.

 My Pet Dog by Christy ?

 Last month my aunt gave me a very special dog. The dog was a Labrador retriever. The dog was 2 months old and was black with very black eyes because she was such a pretty black we named him Java. Java is a French word meaning dark black. Java is more fun than having a new toy. Java is 12 inches long and has a four inch tail and has big feet. He likes to run and play with me while I ride my bike. Java likes me to hold him as we sit down and watch V. Iím glad my aunt gave me this dog because he is a great friend.

 My Funny Dog by Vivian ?

 My dog Dino is very special. He can do many funny tricks. Dino is a black and white dog. He weighs 80 pounds and he is a pit bull dog. But he is not mean. And Dino is a nice dog. He likes to play hid and seek. And knows how to run fast. I really like Dino for a dog. Now you know Dino is a very nice dog to me.

 My Sisterís Dog by Melissa Cerela

 My sisterís dog is named Oreo and she is very special to me. One day we were going to Wal-Mart to buy some groceries for our house. When we were on the way to Wal-Mart we saw all kinds of cars that was a very pretty sight of Christmas lights. When we stopped at Wal-Mart, we got out and went shopping. After we were through we came out of Wal-Mart and some lady was selling puppies. We wanted one so bad so my Dad bought us one gorgeous dog and my sister named it Oreo. She is a collie/Australian shepherd. After that we went home and played with it. She protects us from bees or strangers she doesnít know. Oreo is a very good dog. She is one year old. Oreo has white and black fur thatís why my sister named her Oreo. Oreo is so special to us because she is a guard dog and because we love her very much. Maybe someday youíll get a dog like you want it to be maybe very special!

 My Special Dog by Dilan Bazar

 I have a special dog named Star. She is a lab mix and she loves to play and gallop around. She is 8 years old. I got her when I lived in Corpus Christi. She is light brown and has brown eyes. She does not bathe but she does growl at strangers. When I get home she always loves to jump on me to play or to run around with me. She also weighs about 37 pounds. She is also very tall. She is about to my chest. She has a very long tail and some long ears. She also loves to pull on your pant leg that means she wants to play tag. This dog as you can see is very special to me.

 A Special Dog by Kristian K?

 All dogs are special but let me tell you about mine. I have a dog named Brodie. He is a pit-bull. When he was a small as a softball, I had to feed him by hand. I taught him tricks such as sitting, speaking, and laying down. If you get out a piece of yellow cheese, he will sit down and stick out his long pink tongue. We use to play tug of war with one of my Dadís red shop rags. Brodie would tear the rag to shreds so I would throw the pieces away and get another rag. My Dad broke Brodieís leg by slamming it in a door. We got his leg fixed and heís better now. He grew up to be a strong eighty-five pound dog.

 My Dog by Andrea ?

 I used to have a dog who was very special to me. His name was Dustan. He was a fat dog but he ran fast. Dunstan was brown with white spots. He was blind and he ran into walls that made him look stupid. I love him any way. Then my Dad fed him ice cream and let him lick the cone. He wasnít allowed in the kitchen because he would get the food off the counter. While we were in the hot tub he would jump in the hot tub with us then we had to get out so we wouldnít get sick. When we got home from school he would jump on me and lick me on the face then he and my Mom moved and I never saw him again.

 My Dog Angel by Boysie ?

 I have a dog and she is an all white pit bull. My dog Angel got the name Angel because she is sweet like an angel. My dog Angel is special because she doesnít bite strangers! Most pit bulls are dangerous and furious. She is neither of those two things. When she is around babies she is like a horse. My dog Angel is small like a cat.

 All About Peanut by Brianna ?

 Even though I donít have a dog my grandma does. He is special to her. Peanut is a shepherd. He loves to run after cats for fun. Peanutís colors are brown and white. One day me and my grandma were riding. Peanut was chasing after us. Then he rolled in the mud. He came by me. I said you stink. He weighs about 50 pounds. Peanut is a little dog but he is mean. He loves to play hide and go seek. Peanut loves to take baths because he loves water. One time I poured him a lot of water. You should have seen him. He drank that water so fast like he was running. Thatís why I like dogs. Now you can see why I like dogs.



Mrs. Zeiders' Fourth Grade Class at Alton Elementary School


My Old Dog Corky by Emily Stolz 

Corky is a black Lab. He is a male dog and is very special to me. Corky loves to be loved on. He is as cute as a bunny. Cory sleeps wit my sisterís cat, Nila. I call him when it is feeding time. Corky is old, lazy, and fat. In human life he is 10 years old and in dog life he is 70 years old. The reason Corky is lazy is because he id old. Corky is a good dog Because if someone comes up in a vehicle we donít know he will bark and they wonít get out unless we come out of the house. I jog to Corky when I get off the bus so he doesnít have to walk far. I always march to his water bowl if it is empty and he is waiting for water. Corky is my best dog in my life. Once he dies I will be sad but we will get another black Lab. Corky is my hero. 

The Protective Dog by Collin Mertz 

One day my dogs ran away. My little brother left the gate open while we were at a soccer game. I was very sad. I cried and cried. I was sad as a droopy dog. Our dogs were missing for three days. We put up signs that said, if you see these dogs call [our phone number]. One day the pound called and said we found your dogs but one dog got run over. It was the black dog named Ashley. She was a Cocker Spaniel mix. My dog Rocky stood over here body all night and they had to get a stick thing to get him to the pound. After that I said ďI want her collar that I bought her to remember her by. Ashley was a good dog. I miss her and so did Rocky. We replaced her with a dog named Lilly. Rocky didnít like her at first, but now he does. Sometimes they fight, but they have had two litters of puppies together. I still miss Ashley, but I know that she is in heaven.

 Landen by Marissa Antu 

Landen is my best friend. Landen and I love to play together. The only time I canít play with him is when I have homework. He is always jumping on me when Iím doing homework. Sometimes he is a little bit rowdy. But thatís okay.

Landen is a very good playmate. When I Ďm sad Landen cheers me up. I think we will be buddies forever. Landen is very fascinating. Sometimes he dances really funny. Landen is a really great dog.

 My Dog by Jauque Jackson 

When I was little I didnít know anything about dogs, but now I know lots of things about dogs. One day a dog broke loose. I was so scared I forgot about my sister and ran home, so my Dadís friend went to go get the dog and my Dad went to go get my sister from the other side of the field. We didnít go back out side for another two days. One thing about dogs that they are fast, and some can bite you. Another thing about dogs is they like to chase cats and sometimes they will chase you and sometimes they play and sometimes they donít. You will never guess how much I love dogs, and how much I know about dogs now.

My Dog Blackie by Kelijah ? 

My dog Blackie is special. He loves me and is always glad to see me. Blackie is a big dog with pointy ears. His head comes up to my hip. He has soft white fluffy fur. Blackie is a funny dog. He is playful and likes to run with me. I play with Blackie after school. He lives at my Auntís house. He loves to play with his family.

 My Best Dog Stretch by Brittany ? 

Stretch is cute. He is a weenie dog. All he does is sleep. But the cat wakes him up to play with her. He really doesnít like playing. He likes going walking. But the most thing he likes best is when it is time to pick me up from school. He loves picking me up from school. Every time we go home he tries to race me to get to the door. It is fun racing with him. He also growls when someone or something wakes him up. That means leave him alone or he will bite you.

 My Cat Tiger by Andrew Deski 

I used to have a dog. His name is Champ. I was so close he was like a brother. My cat Tiger acts like a dog. He acts like a dog when he eats his food. He acts like a tiger. He does not like people that are mean to him. Next he feels soft. You can hear him at night playing. He goes bounce, bounce, bounce, thump, thump, thump. He cannot purr like a cat. Finally Tiger is most like a dog. Instead he meows like a dog when we come home and greets us.

 My Dog Molly by Kirstin Scambray 

I have a dog named Molly. She is a sweet & gentle puppy. Mollyís also a good dog. Molly helps us too. Like a helpful puppy. When we give her food she takes it gently. Mollyís nice. We call her Midnight sometimes because we used to have a dog named Midnight. She was sweet too. My dog is as black as ink. She is a black Lb and mixed with coyote. She is a big dog. We have a lot of fun playing with Molly.

 Shilo by Desmond Cook 

Have you ever seen a dog from the Deuse system? I have. I was on my way to Navasota when the sign said ďShilo LiveĒ 2-4 PMĒ. So my Mom said letís go see what Shilo can do. A soon as we touch the bleachers Shilo jumped through the hat, ran up the slide, and jumped in the air and then did a backflip. That was all they should.

 Dogs by Aubrey Budaus 

My name is Aubrey Budaus. I have ten dogs living in my house. I am going to talk about one only. His name is Max. He has a ton of nick names. He is a daddy of Samantha, Buddie, and Freckles. Max has three sisters named Bella, Cesie, and Sissy.

Max is white and very little brown. Samantha is white too. Buddie is black and Freckles is brown. Bella his sister had Samantha, Buddie, and Freckles but he is the dad.

He likes going outside and playing in the woods. He loves playing with other dogs. He might be tired of playing with the dogs he lives with cause he sees them every day. He is very happy where he is. I am glad because that is the only place that we can afford now.

I hope we never lose Max because you can lose dogs easily. We found three dogs that somebody has lost ever since we lived here. I love Max very much.

 My Dog Jack by Garrett Koenning 

Our family used to have a Cocker Spaniel named Booker. He was thirteen years old when he died. Since then weíve gotten a new puppy. Our new puppy, Jack, was only six weeks old when we brought him home. Jack is a black Labrador Retriever. When Jack came to live with us he was very small. He only weighed about ten pounds. Now, Jack is four months old and weighs over twenty five pounds. My Mom thinks he grows bigger every day. Before long heíll be taller than me and as big as a house. He keeps growing because we feed him twice a day. He eats really fast and sometimes he burps when heís done. Jack likes to play with us every day. Sometimes we play with him in the backyard and other times in the front yard. I think the front yard is his favorites because he can run around more and ;lay with all of the children and Charley, the neighborís dog. I like playing with Jack except for when he jumps on me. I think it is pretty terrifying when he does that. Iím very glad we have Jack as our new pet. Maybe when he gets older he wonít jump on m so much. Iíd like that. Iíll be happy to have him for a long time!

 My Dog by Aliyah Woodberry 

My dog is a black dog. Heís sweet and cute. He is also really fluffy. One time my sister fed our dog Romeo a lot of chicken. His stomach blew up like a hot air balloon. Sometimes as soon as I get home, he is waiting for us to get off of the bus. I love my dog because he is so special to me!

Mrs. Pipes' Fourth Grade Class at Brenham Elementary School


My dog Cody by Garrett Larson 

He is brown and big. His eyes are blue. His ears are about one and a half inches tall. His tail whaps back and forth all the time. He is a chocolate lab.
I love him because I had him since I was born. He never left my side once. He was son nice to me.
When I lived in the country, he fought with a lot of coyotes. He was my guard dog!
I had this playhouse with a walkway. It also had a slide. He went up the walkway and came down on the slide! Last, but not least, his name is Cody!
P.S. He is not here anymore. He got run over by a car. I miss him a lot.


Mrs. Schmidt's Fourth Grade Class at Brenham Elementary School


Poor Pups by Allie Rosenbaum 

Ruff! Ruff! ďWhatís that noise? Itís a dog. Do you want me to tell you a story about a dog? ďOK.Ē
Well about 12 and a half years ago when I wasnít even born my Mom and Dad had a dog. Its name was Buddy but when my parents got married and had me life was different for both my parents and Buddy. Buddy had a new friend, me, and my parents had a lot of fun with me.
As I was having fun with Buddy and laughing with my Mom and Dad I was also growing up. Boy I didnít know I could do three things at once. Do you know that Buddy is still fun and still living? Right now he is 14 years old in dog years and in human years he is about 6. Well, thatís about all for now. See Ya!!

Tongo the Super Dog by Nicole 

ďTongo come hereĒ said Mary. Hi, my name is Mary Love. This is my dog Tongo Love. I am nine years old. He is six years old. I call him Super Tongo because he helps me a lot. He gets the newspaper, he wakes me up, if there is someone in trouble he barks and I hear that someone is in danger.
One hot, hot day we were sleeping in the house. Tongo was outside taking a nap. He heard screaming in the neighborhood. He barked and we woke up. There was a fire. We called 911. They said ďWeíre comingĒ! Thanks to Tongo the neighbors are safe. ďYou were a good dog.Ē Mary said.
ďArff, Arff.Ē said Tongo. Now Tongo was called a hero. 

Poor Puppies by Josie Land 

One early morning there were two young girls who were sisters. There names were Malerie and Paige. They almost never got along. They called each other names. They didnít even like the same cloths or food.
Malerie is three years younger than Paige. There mother died when Malerie was born because she was very ill. Paige was three when Malerie was born. Then Malerie found the pup that she wanted so she begged her Mom and Daddy. They said, ďMaybeĒ. She was very nervous. Paige wanted another one. They agreed on the one that Malerie wanted so their Mom and Dad were happy because they finally agreed on something. Then their parents said, ďYes!Ē They were happy because they got the puppy and they agreed. If they wouldnít have agreed there wouldnít be a puppy sound asleep in their lap. 

Do you Like Dogs? by Brianna Oevermann 

Rr-uu-ff, rr-uu-ff. Hi, Iím Brianna. I love dogs. They are my favorite animal. Once I had a dog that was very good but she bit me on my finger. They we got another dog. She was very smart. They she had babies. We kept one of the puppies. She was very nice too. Now we have a dog named Max. He is my favorite. He likes to bite a lot. He has sharp teeth. Iím teaching him to do more things. I love dogs, donít you? I hope you have fun with your pets. 

Dime and Ace by Shawndrell Moore 

Hi, my name is Shawndrell Moore. I have two dogs named Dime and Ace. Dime is a great dog. He can do tricks. Dime can go fetch a ball. He is also good at playing. Dime likes chasing, splashing paint, and he also likes licking my face. When I tell him to fetch he will fetch. Not only is he a good dog, he is also good at being my pet.
Now Ace is a sweetie pie. When we go to sleep at night time he comes and gets on the pillow and falls asleep. I will have to get up and 7:30 and get Dime and Ace up to eat and go for a walk. When we come home they want to take a nap, so I go on the internet and I see if we can get some adopted dogs. When I see one I will say okay and try to get in touch with the owner. So that is what my dogs Dime and Ace like to do.  


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